Louise, the writer.

I am writing this introduction on the night I was a victim of organized crime. I avoided it for 21 years and even spent an entire summer in London (the pick-pocketing capital of the world), but on April 28th, 2014, at approximately 8:57 pm, my iPhone was swiped from my pocket. Never have I felt so lost. And mad. Yes, especially mad. I have spent four days in New York City and therefore I have four days worth of pictures on my phone that I had neglected to transfer to my computer. But that is just the way life is sometimes. You can put a phone into the same pocket 50 times, but on that 51st it might come out in the hands of a criminal.

So what do I do? I go to a Starbucks with my big brother who is talking to a Verizon representative, I unwrap a Crumbs cupcake, and I get serenaded by Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” playing over the speakers. I also think about the many scenarios like this that have made up the life of Louise, which usually lead to me saying, “My life is a joke.” I would actually say that this is my catch-phrase; like if I was a doll that had a pull-string speaking mechanism (picture Woody from Toy Story), “my life is a joke” is what you would hear coming out of my creepily unmoving face. And while it may sound cynical, I say it because I want to be able to laugh about getting pick-pocketed (or any of the other situations that occur in my life) when I’m looking back in a few years.

Anyway, while this little story is a glimpse into the life of Louise, the human, the goal of my e-portfolio is to show you who I am as Louise, the writer. Now this isn’t some off-topic transition; no, the two Louise’s are one in the same as you will discover in the pages to come. I won’t bore you with the details and intricacies now, because that’s what the rest of my e-portfolio is for! Just for the sake of clarity, allow me to guide your experience:

  1. About Me– This page really dives in to my self-reflective journey as a writer. If you want to get a feel for who I am, I suggest you start there.
  2. My Rite to Write, Right?– Under this tab you will find my work for the Minor in Writing Gateway Course. Our first assignment was a delightful “Why I Write” essay which prepared us when thinking about our biggest projects for the semester, re-purposing and re-mediation. All of these projects can be found here.
  3. Communication Station– As a Communication Studies major, I decided to include some of my favorite pieces that I have written so far in my three years studying the tricks of the trade. While they were written for academic purposes, I believe they are still interesting.
  4. Publications– Under this tab, you will find stories I have written for both the Yearbook and for a campus culture magazine, LEAD. These are some of the things I enjoy writing about outside of the world of academia.
  5. Minor in Writing Blog and Twitter Feed– Conveniently located on the right side of my e-portfolio, both of these feeds are here for you to explore my various types of writing. While the blog feed was kept for the Minor in Writing, I did upload some posts under my own will. My Twitter feed is here as a supplement for you to see what I surround myself with and who I truly am.

Like I’ve mentioned, all that I have on my e-portfolio is here to introduce you to Louise, the writer, who in the end, can really just be called Louise. And with that, I will let you explore. I have a cupcake to devour.


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