Communication Station

Throughout my academic career at the University of Michigan, I have written my fair share of Communication Studies papers. The four I have selected below were some of my favorite to write and are actually interesting to read.

1) Media Makes “Amore” Monstrosities: A Media Analysis of Jersey Shore – I wrote this piece in my first year at Michigan in Comm 101. If you are a fan of the guidos and guidettes and falling in love, then I suggest you take a gander.

2) Who needs athleticism? They have a passat! – The infamous “Throw Ball” Volkswagen commercial where father and son struggle playing catch with a baseball. Just a whimsical commercial? I think not. Written for my Visual Culture and Visual Literacy course, I argue that Volkswagen is making a comment on American masculinity in their funny Super Bowl spot.

3) The Mystery of Mad Men – I wrote this opening credit analysis in my Visual Culture and Visual Literacy course. For those of you who love Don Draper, but are lost in deciphering the opening sequence, I can help you out.

4)  We Let Her be Our Ruler: Lorde’s ascent into the music world – The title really says it all, but this paper, which was written for my Music and Mediated Identities course discusses the paradoxical uprising of Lorde in the pop charts and what that speaks about society.


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