Publication Pieces

Ever since high school, my relationship with writing has extended outside of the classroom. I wrote for my high school newspaper, then came to college and wrote stories to be read on WOLV-TV (the student-run television station on campus). But, this was not enough to satiate my hunger for writing. During my sophomore year, I found the Michiganensian Yearbook where I have been writing for the past two years. The spreads that I have uploaded are from our 2013-2014 and our 2014-2015 books, and if you click on the spread, it will take you to just the text file which will be easier for you to read.

I also spent a year writing for a campus culture magazine at Michigan called LEAD. Those pieces can be found at this link or just at


Jeremy Gallon

Bye Bye BunyanScreen Shot 2015-02-07 at 2.21.21 PM


Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 2.21.42 PM



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