Throughout my academic career, the theme of masculinity and its portrayal in the media has always been interesting to me. Needless to say, it was a no-brainer to take an essay I wrote about masculinity in Modern Family from freshman year and re-purpose my argument for this assignment. The original essay was a content analysis where I watched two episodes of Modern Family, then used examples from the show as evidence to aid my argument that hegemonic masculinity is dying out. And yes, I know there is no conclusion, but I still got an A (so what does that say about writing conclusions?).

After copious amounts of brainstorming, I realized that I wanted to combine my knack for journalistic writing with what I had already written and re-purpose my original essay into a GQ Magazine article. As you can read in my proposal and rough annotated bibliography, I wanted to gear my re-purposed piece towards a predominantly male audience, and I wanted to transform the academic tone into a more casual feel.

Once I knew what direction I wanted to head in, I made a rough sketch draft to guide my drafting process and it was off to the races. As you can tell by my first draft littered with both my comments and my instructor, Shelley’s, this draft was quite rough. My author’s note addresses some of the areas I was struggling with, but both Shelley and my peers agreed that I needed to just make the focus about targeting my younger male audience. With this in mind, it was easier to sit down and make substantial revisions. I had also given myself quite a number of days between receiving comments and starting to revise, so that I could come at a piece that had grown so familiar with a fresh set of eyes. Once I took that step, my re-purposing assignment was beginning to take a more coherent form.

Once I had the actual writing done (you can read the content not on the spread here), I could play around on inDesign and make my layout. I looked through the March 2014 issue of GQ magazine and found this article to use as a sort of template for my layout. This layout was one of the big cover stories, so I thought it would be an accurate model for my piece, which I intended to be a cover story.


After hours of fine-tuning, I present to you the final layout with my article on the spread and my final annotated bibliography where you can see some of the background information that went into this piece.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 7.19.56 PM

I felt accomplished for about a minute, then I realized I had to tackle the next beast….re-mediation. Check out that tab to continue on my reflective journey.


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