Why I Write

I think I started journaling when I was about 10-years-old. I would have to dig through my savings box and look at the date of my first entry to double check, but the point is, I have been keeping a journal for half of my life. That’s why I thought it was a no-brainer to write an essay about why I write in journal format- it’s just what I know.

That said, I really wanted to mirror how I write in my actual journal in this essay. I would hope you’ve gathered by now that I have sass and a tendency to be sarcastic. I know that these might seem overwhelming at moments, but that is just my personality shining through. Also something to note, when I write in my journal, I act as if it understands me and can respond, hence my “You knows,” and such.

Finally, before you jump in, I decided to comment on each entry as a sort of meta-analysis as if I was looking back on these old journal entries and reflecting on my life as a writer. I did this in order to include more implicit analysis into my essay as opposed to just blatantly stating why I write.

I believe I have thoroughly prepared you now, so please enjoy A Journey Through the Archives: Why Louise Writes.


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